Hi there! If you’re wondering how our website earns enough money to keep going, here are some things you should know for full disclosure.

In order to be able to pay for stuff like hosting and other services for the website, we have affiliate links.

What does that mean for me?

Well, this just means that when you buy a certain product or decide to hire a service through one of our links, we get a commission from the vendors.

So don’t worry. Use of the website is totally free and will remain free!

Do take note that we don’t get payment for our reviews. This is a common misconception, we believe.

As we’ve said before, we value authenticity and that’s what you can expect from our content. We give you real reviews from real people that you can relate to.

Wait, what you said and what the manufacturer said didn’t match!

Do note that there are some cases when the manufacturer or service provider makes changes on information or specifications on products and services without our prior knowledge. If you do spot these, make sure to hit us up so we can do something about it.

Do we get a warranty from you?

We’re afraid we don’t provide warranty for any of the products or services we feature. These should come from the manufacturer or service provider.