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6 Best Portland Neighborhoods for Singles

6 Best Portland Neighborhoods for Singles

Portland is, without a doubt, one of the best cities in the country to visit or even relocate to. With the emerging job market, people, especially young professionals, tend to move to the city for work purposes. 

For singles with blooming careers, there are also a lot of income-generating activities to do. They can try investing in food businesses or simply spend their nine-to-five in their private office spaces.

If you’re a young professional planning to move to the city, let’s give you the best Portland neighborhoods for singles to get you your desired lifestyle.

The Pearl District

The Pearl District

First on the list is the Pearl District, which is one of the most popular and fast-growing neighborhoods in Portland. It’s actually the most walkable area in the city too.

Here’s some trivia: the Pearl District was formerly a derelict train station before being transformed into a trendy haven for young professionals. Now, it is considered the center of urban living in the area.

Exciting Things to See in the Pearl District 

In this vibrant and energetic neighborhood of Portland, you can enjoy the city’s rich culture. As a matter of fact, it has the largest number of art scenes in the city, having a lot of art galleries to visit (Tip: The most popular one is the First Thursday Street Gallery!)

Located in downtown Portland’s Pearl District is Powell’s City of Books, which is the world’s largest independently owned bookstore.

Additionally, the Portland region’s top brewpubs can be found in the Pearl District, with places like the Deschutes Brewery and Public House as some of the popular ones. 

Since the Pearl District is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Portland, people in this area are always on the move. They take advantage of the fancy shopping malls and scenic parks, looking for some hip adventure.

Amenities in the Pearl District

Portland’s Pearl District is very people-friendly. Keeping with the city’s style, the place is rich with community amenities: from being dog-friendly to having amazing modern parks and establishments that provide a wide range of excellent goodies.

The neighborhood also has apartment rentals, but most of them are for short-term only, perfect for quick trips. But if you are looking forward to living there long-term, you pretty much want to do in-depth research.

There are nearby schools, a wide range of public transportation options, activities to do, and a lot more. But to have a perspective, let’s provide you with a brief overview of the overall experience in the Pearl District in the next section. 

Overall Living Experience in Pearl District 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Pearl District is a walkable neighborhood in Portland, so daily exercise comes naturally. That’s why accessibility is a blessing in this place since daily errands do not necessitate the use of a car. 

Talking about affordability, Extra Space says prices in Pearl have been on the rise. However, the upscale vibe and millennial-friendly atmosphere of the neighborhood still make it an excellent choice for Portland’s young professionals.

Goose Hollow

Goose Hollow

In addition to the variety of stores and eateries that you’ll find throughout this neighborhood, this could be a new home for some youthful sports fans. Goose Hollow is home to the Portland Timbers, the city’s very own professional soccer team.

Exciting Things to See in Goose Hollow

This tight-knit area offers the perfect blend of urban living and a long-standing residential neighborhood. The most fun thing to do if you’re in the area is to stop by the nearby Washington Park. 

You may also take in some of the best city sights: an international rose garden, museums, natural areas, and even a zoo there.

Additionally, if you’re single and at the same time a sports enthusiast, you may visit one of the many sports bars in the neighborhood to watch the game all while sipping a local beer.

Amenities in Goose Hollow

ZeroDown rated Goose Hollow with a high walk score of 92. This indicates that there are numerous establishments around, including shops, eateries, coffee shops, schools, and more. 

The website also points out that there are many grocery stores in the neighborhood, with Wellspent Market, Trader Joe’s, and Safeway being the most popular ones.

Overall Living Experience in Goose Hollow 

As a result of the neighborhood’s historic houses’ recent conversion to luxury condos, Goose Hollow is also home to a number of trendy housing options. 

However, according to the ranking by Bungalow in 2022, this makes the area come with a higher price tag, receiving a two out of five on affordability.

But this doesn’t stop young professionals across the city and states from pursuing a life in Goose Hollow. In fact, what adds to the fuel is the neighborhood’s plentiful public transportation options and close proximity to the downtown area.



Let out your inner self in Richmond, Portland. But before anything else, this neighborhood is exceptional in Portland because it includes two distinct “districts,” Hawthorne and Clinton/Division. 

While these districts are not neighborhoods in and of themselves, they are distinct enough to warrant their own pages.

Exciting Things to See in Richmond

Richmond is a place for you if you find it exciting to have some alone time for yourself. Well, let out your own version of fun by getting lost with a lot of books, since the place has a high concentration of bookstores (as well as coffee shops).

Meanwhile, you can also enjoy other things Richmond has to offer. From Powell Boulevard’s check-cashing, strip-mall aesthetic to the insanely eclectic, hip Hawthorne District, where everything from trying out smoky pool halls to learning haute cuisine can be found.

Amenities in Richmond

The Richmond Neighborhood has at least four schools within its area: Richmond Elementary School, Woodward Montessori School, St. Ignatius School, and Cleveland High School. 

Not only that, but people living in the area also receive convenient access to downtown, all while only having a bus as the available public transportation system.

Richmond, Portland has quite a few grocery stores, including Sunny Corner Market, Talarico’s Produce, and WinCo Foods.

Overall Living Experience in Richmond

Living in Richmond is not ordinary at all, but quite the same as other neighborhoods in Portland. The good news is that there are local restaurants (e.g., Black Dog Lounge) where you can get low-priced meals. 

This neighborhood was named by The Oregonian/OregonLive as one of the best places to live and work in the western United States, all thanks to the diverse range of local businesses in the area.

Mississippi Avenue

Mississippi Avenue

If you’re not from the neighborhood, you’re not familiar with the name “Mississippi Avenue” but with “Boise,” since it is its official name. People from the area also call the place the Mississippi Neighborhood, Mississippi Street, or the Mississippi District.

Mississippi Avenue is the ideal neighborhood for young professionals seeking the renowned Portland experience without having to travel to the city’s central business district. Why? Let’s find out.

Exciting Things to See in Mississippi Avenue

One of Portland’s trendiest areas, Mississippi Avenue, is home to hip stores, lively cafes, and a rich number of food carts – pretty similar to what Portland is famous for. Well, they are located only 10-minutes north of downtown.

Nightlife in this neighborhood is just one of the things you don’t want to miss. Be it a craving for some southern food or even gluten-free pizza, they have it all. 

Plus drinks, obviously. If you feel like going on an adventure, you’re in luck. Try the neighborhood’s famous farm-to-table Quaintrelle.

Don’t forget to try to experience shopping in Paxton Gate. It was featured in the popular Portlandia show, so you don’t want to skip it for sure.

Amenities in Mississippi Avenue

Public transit in this neighborhood is provided by TriMet (bus), with a total of 13 bus stops. You should also know that there is plenty of parking and that it’s right on a bus line.

Another interesting benefit you could get as a local in this place is the fun that comes with the yearly Mississippi Street Fair, every July. It’s full of live music, kid’s activities, a beer garden, and over 150 local vendors.

Overall Living Experience in Mississippi Avenue

Mississippi Avenue has received excellent feedback for nightlife & entertainment and walkability, having been surrounded by lots of shops. 

‘Bungalow’ ranks the cost of living in the area with an affordability score of two out of five, as of 2022. The said entity also revealed that the exciting neighborhood that is Mississippi Avenue is the perfect place to get the true Portland experience.

Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland

As a young professional that is new in town, you could never go wrong by living in the heart of Portland, the Downtown. Even though this neighborhood is home to a larger young population, there’s always something for everyone.

From a wide variety of fun things to do to the numerous services available, you can surely thrive as a successful professional at a young age.

Exciting Things to See in Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland has a wide range of nature parks that are ideal for biking, walking, and other outdoor activities. This could be the first thought that comes to your mind, but there’s so much more.

Among two of the most interesting annual events held Downtown is the Oregon Brewer’s Festival and the Portland Rose Festival. 

In addition to that, the Portland Farmers’ Market is located in this neighborhood, which is known as one of the best places to get fresh produce in the city.

Nightlife in Portland’s downtown is also promising, thanks to the nearby Old Town Chinatown area. On weekends, the neighborhood’s entertainment district is closed to vehicles, creating an ideal space for exploring the downtown’s wide range of clubs, bars, and restaurants.

Amenities in Downtown Portland

Getting to work could be difficult but hold on from purchasing a car yet.  Well, Downtown’s available public transit system will give you peace of mind as the TriMet system offers an excellent combination of commuter trains, light rail, and buses.

On top of it all, various review sites ranked the neighborhood with perfect walkability and a public transit score for the year 2022. This is why it’s the perfect area to do some strolling.

Overall Living Experience in Downtown Portland

Speaking of strolling, you might want to be aware of your surroundings when in Portland’s downtown. The neighborhood’s average score is two out of five when it comes to its safety, based on data collected from various sites.

Fortunately, the said sources assured that the area is always focused on improving this aspect. However, to maintain the convenience of riding your bike on a daily basis, we suggest you invest in a bike lock.

But if you intend to be a commuter, consider getting a Hop Fastpass, guaranteeing you’ll never have to spend more than $100 per month on transportation. 



Finally, if you are looking for peace, Sellwood-Moreland is perfect for you, given its small-town neighborly vibe.

This neighborhood, which has had an amusement park since 1905 and a single-screen cinema since 1926, brings a historic vibe to the table that will definitely add depth and personality to your life once you decide to relocate there.

Exciting Things to See in Sellwood-Moreland

Surely you’re thinking there’s nothing exciting to do in Sellwood-Moreland. However, there are still other opportunities for you to kill time. 

As a matter of fact, the neighborhood is best known for shopping and restaurants. 

Want a nature adventure? Visit the 170 acres of meadows, forests, and wetlands at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge or stroll along the Willamette River’s winding trails to watch the sunset. 

Amenities in Sellwood-Moreland

Living in Sellwood-Moreland will also give you advantages, especially if you are looking forward to starting your own family in the future. This is because it’s relatively affordable, plus, there are accessible schools in the area.

Overall Living Experience in Sellwood-Moreland

All things considered, Sellwood-Moreland is dubbed an excellent family neighborhood.

It does, however, have a very relaxed, “anything goes, all are welcome” vibe. That’s why it could still be your dream home even though you’re single. 

Take the sources’ judgment of the place as a charming, secure, and vintage-loving community. It’s an ideal neighborhood to experience both the old and new Portland.

Thinking of relocating to Portland? Check out our article regarding the cost of living in the city!

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