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The Top Things to Do in Old Town Chinatown, Portland

The Top Things to Do in Old Town Chinatown, Portland 

Old Town Chinatown is a vibrant neighborhood in the heart of downtown Portland. Given the sheer number of things to do here, it’s definitely one of the places people should see at least once in Rip City!

Don’t know where to start? Follow our guide below, where we show you how to enjoy Old Town Chinatown like a local!

Shop at Portland Saturday Market


Address: 2 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 503-222-6072

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday to Friday – closed 
  • Saturday – 10 AM to 5 PM

The place to go if you like handmade, artsy trinkets! On Saturdays from the 4th of March to the 23rd of December, the market offers a variety of goods from talented local vendors. 

Aside from handmade pieces, expect a lot of crafty stuff and delicious food items. Think: leather bracelets, ceramic sculptures, Lebanese food, candles, wood sculpture, and a lot more. 

Pro tip:
The earlier you go to this market, the more likely you are to avoid crowds – people only really start getting thick on the ground here past noon. It’s the best way to get enough time to see all the vendors too.

Explore the Oregon Maritime Museum 

Image from Wikimedia 


Address: 198 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 503-224-7724

Operating hours: 

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday – closed 
  • Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday – 11 AM to 4 PM 


  • Adults $7.00
  • Senior (62 + ) $5.00
  • Students (13 – 18 with ID ) $4.00
  • Youth (ages 6 – 12) $3.00
  • Youth (under 6) FREE
  • Active Military (with ID) FREE

The Oregon Maritime Museum is one of the more unique experiences you can get out of the Old Town Chinatown neighborhood. If you like maritime culture, memorabilia, and models, it’s a must-visit!

The history buffs in our team are particularly fond of this place. If you like historical photos, by the way, there’s a library with about 22,000 photos of maritime history.

Pro tip:
If you want to get the most out of your experience by learning as much as you can, join the guided tours. We recommend the tours the museum provides on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 11 AM to 4 PM. 
Each tour runs for 45 minutes or so. Check out their website to learn more!

Relax at the Lan Su Chinese Garden


Address: 239 NW Everett St, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 503-228-8131

Operating hours: 

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday – 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Wednesday – closed 


  • Members – Free
  • Adult (19 – 61) – $14
  • Senior (62+) and Student (18+ with I.D.) – $13
  • Youth (6-18) $11
  • Child (5 and under) – Free

Going to the Lan Su Chinese Garden gives you a chance to explore authentic Chinese culture right in Portland! It’s also the perfect place to recharge when you need a break.

Portland worked with artisans from Suzhou to uphold the essence of the Chinese gardening style here. In fact, the Lan Su Chinese Garden is considered one of the most authentic Chinese gardens outside China. 

Pro tip:
Before you go, do check their admission hours on their website. They change from time to time depending on the season or due to special events, which can be confusing! 

Check out the Portland Chinatown Museum

Check out the Portland Chinatown Museum
Image from Portland Chinatown Museum


Address: 127 NW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 503-224-0008

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday – closed
  • Friday to Sunday – 11 AM – 3 PM 


  • Adult – $8
  • Senior – $6
  • Student $5
  • Child (5 under) – Free
  • Member – Free

A visit to Old Town Chinatown wouldn’t be complete without this museum. This is the perfect place in all of Portland to fully expose yourself to Chinese American art, history, and culture. 

While there are special exhibits from time to time, their permanent exhibit occupies 2,400 sq. ft space. They call it Beyond the Gate: A Tale of Portland’s Historic Chinatowns, and we think it’s worth a look! 

Pro tip:
Want ideas on which exhibits to check out? The upcoming exhibits in the Portland Chinatown Museum that we think most interesting are these ones: 
(May 19, 2023 to October 8, 2023) The Life and Art of Bue Jack Lee: From Obscurity to Acclaim shows the work and the life of a Chinese American artist born in Portland. A lot of his work features the highlights of the Pacific Northwest and of course, the Portland Chinatown. 
(February 10, 2023 to May 7, 2023) Wing K. Leong, 60 Years: Paintings and Calligraphy showcases artwork that is very distinctly Chinese that you can see from the artist’s freehand brush paintings, landscapes, and other styles and variety. 

Grab some crazy doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnut 


Address: 22 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 503-241-4704

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 5 AM to 3 AM 

Why do we call them crazy doughnuts? Because of the flavors! At the moment, they have 50 available artisan flavors, which includes 20 options for our vegan friends. 

This includes maple frosting and bacon (surprisingly, this combo works!), raspberry with glazed, and blueberry cake with glazed

The unique ones we’d recommend are these: 

  • Ring of fire – devil’s food cake with cinnamon sugar, cayenne pepper, and a dried red chili pepper 
  • Cock n’ balls, forgive our French! – raised yeast doughnut with bavarian cream and chocolate frosting shaped like what it’s named after
Pro tip:
If you want a more unique experience, you can ask them to make one just for you! Just place a custom order on their website and let your culinary creativity go wild. 

Get some ramen at Afuri Ramen + Dumpling 


Address: 50 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 971-288-5510

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 11:30 AM to 9 PM 

Our ramen-fanatics on the staff say this is the place to go for some delicious noodles in Old Town Chinatown. Their yuzu shio ramen is the top pick. It’s made of dry fish, dry kombu seaweed, local chicken and a dash of yuzu citrus and umami flavors. 

Aside from ramen, they also have tsukemen, dumplings, donburi, and several small plate dishes like takoyaki, spicy chicken bun, tori karaage, and more. 

Pro tip:
Their yuzu shoyu ramen isn’t just mind-blowing – it comes in big portions and is also quite filling. Be prepared for that if you’re thinking of ordering a lot of stuff!

Go for a coffee date at Cafe United

Go for a coffee date at Cafe United

Address: ​​118 NW Couch St, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 971-280-5199

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Friday, Sunday – closed 
  • Saturday – 8 AM to 12:30 PM 

Cafe United is quite well-known to people who frequent Old Town Chinatown. It’s a great place to grab coffee, soup, burritos, and bagels that you can enjoy within the comfort of their homey shop. 

Moreover, they also serve beer and wine – need we say more? 

Pro tip:
Our favorite is their breakfast burrito. In fact, all staff members at Rip City Review who tried Cafe United would recommend the same thing! 
Get it with your Americano and you’ll have the perfect breakfast to pump you up throughout the day. 

Enjoy coffee with other sneakerheads at Deadstock Coffee Roasters


Address: 408 NW Couch St Suite 408, Portland, OR 

Contact details: +1 971-220-8727

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday – 8 AM to 3 PM
  • Friday – closed
  • Saturday – 8 AM to 4 PM
  • Sunday – 9 AM to 4 PM 

If you like shoes just as much as you like coffee, this is the cafe to visit. It’s sneaker-themed, so expect to see a lot of unique shoe displays that will make every sneakerhead go crazy. 

In fact, this coffee shop also used to clean sneakers. While they halted this service, they plan on doing it again in the future. 

Pro tip:
Deadstock Coffee Roasters doesn’t have a menu, which is why we find it intriguing. The baristas can make anything based on your tastes. 
They can make classic flavors and unique ones. Moreover, they also have seasonal flavors, so make sure to ask for that!

Try the best bagels in the area at Bowery Bagels


Address: 310 NW Broadway, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 503-227-6674

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 7 AM to 1 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday – 8 AM to 1 PM 

Even if you already love bagels, Bowery Bagels just may make you appreciate them even more. They have amazing bagels, bread, and rolls – all fresh with no preservatives!

We recommend asking them to whip you up something from their breakfast or lunch menu. You’ll be amazed by their sandwiches. 

Pro tip:
It’s worth noting that they have vegan and vegetarian options on the menu. If you can’t find them, just ask the servers!

Pig out at Pine Street Market

Pig out at Pine Street Market
Image from Wikipedia


Address: 126 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 11 AM to 8 PM

The Pine Street Market is a food hall, so there are a lot of food choices from numerous vendors. That makes it ideal when you want full-on variety!

Some of the food vendors they have right now are Pine Street Tap Room, Pleasure Burger, Shanghai’s Best, Teote Outpost, and The Mini Donut Company. 

That means you’re already covered for beers, burgers, sandwiches, dumplings, Latin American cuisine, and doughnuts!

Pro tip:
The market can get a bit loud because of the number of people dining in at the same time. If you want an intimate, quiet setting, this might not be the best option. 

Party at a “haunted” bar in Raven’s Manor


Address: 235 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 971-319-6182

Operating hours: 

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday – 5 PM to 11 AM
  • Tuesday – closed
  • Friday, Saturday – 5 PM to 12 AM 

Raven’s Manor is quintessential Portland. It’s quirky and out-of-the-box but also weirdly fun! 

This haunted-themed bar is a unique way to experience the nightlife in the city. The interior is extraordinary and it takes you to an entirely different place. 

Their menu also fits the theme. Their signature cocktails, for example, are categorized under themes like “Dr. Raven’s Personal Collection”. And hey, check out the appetizers’ names too if you want a laugh.

Pro tip:
The drink options are extensive, so you might have a hard time choosing one. Ask the bartender for a tip and tell them your usual faves so they can brew you up a delicious drink that’s perfect for your tastes. 

Dance the night away at Dixie Tavern


Address: 32 NW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 503-234-9431

Operating hours: 

  • Monday, Tuesday – closed
  • Wednesday – 4 PM to 12 AM
  • Thursday – 4 PM to 1 AM
  • Friday to Sunday – 4 PM to 2:30 AM

If one of your prerequisites for a perfect night out is the dance floor, here’s Dixie Tavern. Actually, they have every ingredient that makes a memorable night: great cocktails, delicious meals, live sports, video poker, and more. 

That’s why the crowd at Dixie Tavern is quite mixed. If your goal is to meet new people for the night, most likely, you’ll find one or two who you can hold an interesting conversation with. 

Pro tip:
It’s best to check out the events when you plan your visit to Dixie’s Tavern. Sometimes they have “wings Wednesday,” karaoke night, and so on. 

Barrel Room 


Address: 31 NW 1st Ave, Portland, OR

Contact details: +1 503-242-0700

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday, Sunday – closed
  • Friday, Saturday – 8 PM to 1:30 AM

This one’s also on the unique side. It’s a bar with an outdoor space. It sounds normal, yes, but wait – aside from hosting the usual fun live performances in this area, they also host dueling pianos. 

In case you don’t know what it is, dueling pianos is when two professional pianists compete on grand pianos (most of the time) while singing. It’s simultaneously funnier and more fun than most people expect!

Pro tip:
We suggest checking out their event page on their website to help you plan your night better! Their events change every now and then and this can help you schedule your visit for the event you want.
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