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10 Best Fruit Picking Farms In and Near Portland

10 Best Fruit Picking Farms In and Near Portland

Every time someone asks me “What’s your best memory with your kids?” my mind goes through millions of answers! But among them, some just stand out in particular – like our moments of fruit-picking.

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s just something about going on a short drive in our pick-up and sending off the little ones on U-pick farms in the city. Grabbing the fruit of the earth with them, sampling the fresh fruit soon after… It’s heaven.

So, if you still have kiddos under your wing, you might want to bring them to these fruit picking farms in and around Portland yourself. It’s an activity we love doing year-round and who knows, you might enjoy it too!

Bella Organic Farm


Address: 16205 NW Gillihan Rd, Portland, OR 97231, United States

Contact details: +1 503-621-9545

Operating hours: Friday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Types of Fruit: Strawberries, blueberries, marionberries

Bella Organic Farm, sprawled across 100 acres of land, is where you’ll find the best strawberry picking on Sauvie Island. 

From July to August, the fields are bursting with strawberries, marionberries, blueberries, and early variety blackberries. When I brought the kiddos here, they were so torn between which berries to pick (farm is perfect for families, by the way!).

Just a heads up, though – they’re pretty strict about not munching on the crops while you’re picking, so resist the temptation! And as for prices, they’re fair at $5 per pound for almost every berry, and $6 per pound for organic marionberries.

There’s also a spot where you can grab a bite to eat. The menu’s simple, but it hits the spot after a berry-filled day.

Kiyokawa Family Orchards


Address: 5625 Hutson Dr, Mt Hood, OR 97041, United States

Contact details: +1 541-352-7115

Operating hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Types of Fruit: Apples, pears, Asian pears, cherries and stone fruit

For more than 100 years, this Parkdale farm has been a favorite destination for visitors. Kiyokawa Farm is a popular spot for fall apples, cherries, and summer peaches, thanks to its stunning mountain view.

They’re also known for having one of the widest selections of apple varieties grown onsite in the state. So, if your group or fam suddenly wants to go apple picking, your best bet is here. 

Also, they provide wagons for picking, but they’re limited. Actually, they’ve run out some options during some of our visits, so it’s wise to bring your own if you have one!

Alternatively, if the weather isn’t cooperating, you can simply fill a bag at the fruit stand – they have all the fruits from their farm available there. Plus, they also sell cider (which is super tasty), canned goods, soaps, and more. 

Sherwood Orchards


Address: 23995 SW Pacific Hwy, Sherwood, OR 97140, United States

Contact details: +1 503-625-7705

Types of Fruit: Cherries, plums, prunes, apples, pears, quince

About a half-hour drive southwest of Portland in Sherwood, you’ll find Sherwood Orchards, a 150-year-old fruit orchard boasting around 1,300 fruit trees, including a whopping 70 varieties of apples. 

If you want some fruit-picking fun, this place is definitely one of the best spots near Portland to scratch that itch. And despite being close to the suburbs (it’s actually just off the highway), once you’re there, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to the countryside.

Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by rows upon rows of different apple varieties. The fruit’s quality is top-notch, but picking the right ones can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with all the varieties. Pro tip – ask the staff if you’re not sure!

What’s great is that the orchard provides picking tools, grabbers, and collection carts for visitors. Just bring yourselves!

Columbia Farms U-Pick


Address: 21024 NW Gillihan Rd, Portland, OR 97231, United States

Contact details: +1 503-621-3909

Types of Fruit: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, marionberries, boysenberries, black caps

Located on scenic Sauvie Island, this farm stands out for its fresh vibe and unique approach. Unlike other farms in and around Portland that often host big events, Columbia Farms offers a calm, rustic farm experience. 

Here, you can enjoy berry picking in peace. With over 80 acres and more than 15 berry varieties – including strawberries, blueberries, boysenberries, marionberries, raspberries, and black caps – there’s something ripe for picking all summer long.

Just remember, Columbia Farms kicks off its U-pick season in June each year, so plan accordingly (check their website for updates!). 

No need to reserve ahead, but leave your furry friends at home since pets aren’t allowed. This helps keep the berry fields clean and safe for munching, which is still a win-win.

Draper Girls Country Farm


Address: 6200 OR-35, Mt Hood, OR 97041, United States

Contact details: +1 541-490-8113

Operating hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Types of Fruit: Apples, peaches

If you’re up for a drive with your kids, Draper Girls Country Farm is a great pick. They offer a variety of apples and peaches, many of which are within easy reach for little ones. 

Plus, they offer plenty of wagons available for tired kiddos to hitch a ride. My youngest said it was pretty comfortable! 

At Draper Girls, you’ll also find a farm stand stocked with all sorts of goodies, including the must-have honey sticks and some delicious unpasteurized apple cider.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that Draper Girls is a bit more strict with their rules compared to other U-pick farms. They don’t let you sample the fruit too much, but they make up for it with loads of fun stuff for the kids.

They can feed the goats for just a few bucks, and there’s a cool wooden swing and picnic tables where the family can chill out and snack while enjoying the awesome view of Mount Hood. 

Bonny Slope Blueberries

Media by ripleythecutepug

Address: 3565 NW South Rd, Portland, OR 97229, United States

Contact details: +1 503-816-9110

Operating hours:

Types of Fruit: Blueberries

Only have a couple of hours to spare for picking? Just a quick 20-minute drive from downtown Portland, you’ll stumble upon Bonny Slope Blueberries.

While they might not have a huge variety of berries, what they do have is absolutely delicious. It’s also not too big, which makes it perfect for picking with little ones. 

The farm has a peaceful vibe, and you can grab some blueberries for a reasonable $3 a pound. Just keep in mind that you’ll be out in the sun, so be sure to gear up accordingly!

The owner, John, is super-friendly and always happy to answer any questions about farming and blueberries. Plus, he ensures there are plenty of blueberries available for picking during the season, which runs from June to August. 

They sell other produce too, like peppers and tomatoes, in the fall and spring.

Here are the key things to remember if you decide to go fruit picking here: they only accept cash and checks; pets aren’t allowed (though you’ll see Ripley the pug here helping out John with the customers!); and don’t forget to bring your own containers for filling.

The Powder Blueberry Farm

Media by oomsiriyakorn


Address: 17632 SE McKinley Rd, Gresham, OR 97080, United States

Contact details: +1 503-912-1010

Operating hours: Wednesday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Types of Fruit: Blueberries

For those looking to save a buck on blueberries, Powder Blueberry Farm offers a sweet deal on blueberries for just $2 a pound.

Don’t let the price confuse you – these berries are top-notch! With around 60 years of experience, this farm knows how to grow them right.

We had a fantastic experience here; the fields are beautiful, and strolling among the berries is quite peaceful. Plus, the owners are incredibly friendly, and payment is a breeze with both cash and cards accepted (I used the latter, if that helps!).

What’s even better is that you can pick as long as you want during their hours. The berry bushes aren’t too crowded together, so there’s plenty of space to move around comfortably while picking. 

And as if the cheap price wasn’t enough, they provide buckets for free. Just make sure to bring a bag or container for your berries when you leave if you didn’t bring your own.

Mt View Orchards


Address: 6670 Trout Creek Ridge Rd, Mt Hood, OR 97041, United States

Contact details: +1 541-352-6828

Operating hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Types of Fruit: Apples, peaches, plums, pears, nectarines, late blueberries

Nestled near Portland is this cozy 50-acre orchard, run by three generations of green-thumbed folks who sure know their fruit! They’re popular for their apples, but they have more than just that. 

Come August and September, you’ll find a whole bounty of goodies ripe for the picking: peaches, plums, pears, nectarines, late blueberries, and even dahlias, corn, carrots, and beets. 

With so much to see and do, why not make a day of it? You can hop on a hayride (which they offer later in the season), treat yourself to some freshly pressed cider and warm donuts, or check out their special hard cider offerings (available on tap or in bottles to take home).

They’re open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM so you will have plenty of time to soak it all in. And good news for all the pup lovers out there – leashed furry friends are welcome to join in on the fun!

Beilke Family Farm


Address: 4925 Rockdale St NE, Salem, OR 97305, United States

Contact details: +1 503-393-1077

Types of Fruit: Apples

Less than an hour’s drive away is Beilke Family Farm, where you’ll find a whopping 15 varieties of mouthwatering apples like Ruby Mac, Cripps Pink, and Gold Rush ready for picking from late August to mid-November. 

Fun fact: four generations have been taking care of these trees, and it really shows! The rows are super organized, making it a breeze to find your favorite fruits. 

Plus, the trees are small, which makes it easy for kids to reach and fill up their buckets.

Now, here’s the best part: these apples are organic, so you know they’re the real deal. While the owners use the same crop protection methods as organic growers, they may sometimes use non-organic sprays to keep those apples fresh.

When you visit, don’t forget to bring your own buckets or boxes to take home your picked apples. The farm’s five-gallon plastic buckets are only for use in the orchard.

Hood River U-Pick Organic


Address: 4320 Royal Anne Dr, Hood River, OR 97031, United States

Operating hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Types of Fruit: Apples, cherries

Hood River U-Pick Organic is a paradise for apple lovers. We can confidently say these are the best apples we’ve ever tried – each one bursting with flavor, crisp and juicy. 

But good news, even those who aren’t fond of apples can have fun picking here, as the farm also grows organic cherries waiting for you to pick. 

Now, a lot of people know about this place, and for good reason. As a result, the trees can get picked clean very fast, as we’ve found out in years past when visiting!

But try to arrive during the peak days. It’s easily a 5-star experience, and you’ll have plenty of fruits to pick.

On another note, the vibe at the farm is super chill, perfect for kicking back and enjoying yourself. And kids will have a blast hanging out with all the animals roaming around – there are chickens, pigs, and even alpacas! 

Feel free to bring a picnic and relax under the shade of the farm trees, or let the little ones run wild once they’ve had their fill of picking.

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