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The Top 11 Instagrammable Places in Portland

The Top 11 Instagrammable Places in Portland

We Portlanders are lucky that we live in a city that never runs out of Instagrammable places. From picturesque natural wonders to uniquely-themed parks, the sky’s the limit to what Portland can offer the snap-happy! 

If you don’t believe us, let us show you. In no particular order, we listed our favorite Instagrammable places here so you know which ones to add to your feed next. 

1. The Keep Portland Weird Sign at Dante’s 

The Keep Portland Weird Sign at Dante’s
Image from Life in USA
ADDRESS350 West Burnside St.

Located behind the nightclub called Dante’s, the Keep Portland Weird sign symbolizes the lifeforce of the city. Portland wouldn’t be Portland without it embracing its kooky and quirky side, you know!

Another thing we like about this sign is that it’s particularly welcoming for visitors because it’s like saying uniqueness is what makes you one of us. So, there’s no need to hide your real self here. 

Portland is a place where being different is celebrated and it’s what we most love about it. 

Pro tip: 
If you’re already here, might as well swing by Dante’s. Get your dose of live music, burlesque, cabaret & rock n’ roll – your first taste of our city’s weird bars, basically. 

2. Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion
Image from Portland Parks Foundation
ADDRESS3229 NW Pittock Dr, Portland, OR
CONTACT DETAILS+1 503-823-3623
OPERATING HOURSMonday, Wednesday – Sunday 10 AM – 4 PMTuesday 12 – 4 PM 
PRICEMembers: FREEAdults: $14.50Seniors (65+): $12.50Youth (6–18): $10.50Children (under 6): FREE

The Pittock Mansion is a popular spot for taking photos because it’s a unique French Renaissance-style château. If you’re a fan of movies and series set in the 15th to early 17th century, you definitely want to drop by here. 

And of course, if you’re also a fan of history, period furniture and interior decoration, this is a must-visit destination. 

Besides, the Pittock Mansion isn’t the only thing to see here. In fact, this place is known for being one of the best places to see the city skyline. 

From there, you will also be able to see the five volcanoes: Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, and Mount Jefferson, and Mount Adams. And wouldn’t you know it – they’re pretty Instagrammable too!

Pro tips:
It’s best to visit the mansion during late spring to early fall if you want to witness the rose bush in its full bloom. 
With Instagrammable spots from left to right, you might end up leaving with full phone storage. That’s why make sure to delete some files before you go to be able to take as many photos as you want. Don’t make the same mistake we did! 
Looking for a restaurant in the area? Try The Fireside. Their Eggs Benedict is to die for! It’s just a 6-minute drive from the Pittock Mansion. For the directions, you may refer to google maps.

3. Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden
Image from Wikipedia
ADDRESS611 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR
CONTACT DETAILS+1 503-223-1321
Wednesday – Monday: 10 AM – 3:30 PM Tuesday – Closed
Member hours:
Wednesday – Monday 8 AM – 10 AMTuesday – Closed
PRICEAdult: $21.95Senior (65+): $18.95Student: $17.95Youth (6-17): $15.95Child (5 and under): FreeMembers: Free

The Portland Japanese Garden has been praised for its authentic Japanese aesthetic. That’s part of why it has been called the most beautiful Japanese garden outside Japan. 

Aside from the place being Instagram-worthy, it’s also the perfect spot for meditation and relaxation. Come here for a break if you need one. 

There are 8 gardens in the area, by the way – all of them are perfect spots for taking photos. However, we’d like to share our top 2: 

  • The Strolling Pond Garden is the biggest garden out of all 8. So, naturally, you can expect that there are plenty more to see here. It is most known for the Moon Bridge and the Heavenly Falls. 
  • We like The Flat Garden because of how unique it is. It’s something we don’t see a lot in terms of the western aesthetic. We also like the balance of the shrubs, trees, grass, and stones and how it creates a depth of space. 
Pro tip:
Don’t miss out on the Umami cafe! The design evokes the same feeling we get when we look at the Kiyomizu-dera temple, so it’s like a little piece of Kyoto in the heart of Portland. 

4. Cathedral Park

ADDRESSN Edison Street and Pittsburg Avenue Portland, OR

One of the most iconic things to see in the city is the St Johns Bridge. Out of all the bridges in Portland, this is the only one that is a steel suspension type… and it’s a beautiful one at that!

It’s been the background for a lot of Instagram photos of Portland. So, not only do we approve of this place: thousands of others have too! 

If you’re still not sure how Instagrammable the Cathedral Park is, take it from the people who chose to create one of their most memorable moments here. A lot of people found this park so beautiful that there are occasions when people get engaged or people get married here. 

Pro tip:
We recommend you stop by Cathedral Coffee, a coffee shop that is in the list of our personal favorites. It’s only a 4-minute drive away from the park. Their charcoal mocha drink is worth the try!

5. Voodoo Doughnut

ADDRESS22 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR
CONTACT DETAILS+1 503-241-4704
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Wednesday 7 AM – 11 PMThursday 7 AM – 3 AMFriday – Sunday 5 AM – 3 AM

We couldn’t help but add this famous doughnut shop to our list. If you’ve been to Portland, we’re sure you’ve heard of this place. After all, one of the things this city is known for is the doughnuts! 

Voodoo Doughnuts gained fame because of their uniquely designed and deliciously addicting doughnut flavors. Once you see and taste them, you’ll definitely understand the allure. 

Additionally, the place instantly became an Instagrammable spot because of the quirky and artsy interiors. Good doughnuts from a creative-looking store? Yeah, that sounds a lot like Portland!  

Pro tips:
If you’re a fan of bubblegum flavor, you’ll go crazy over the Voodoo Bubble. 
We recommend the Ring of Fire doughnut if you want something really unique. It’s made with cinnamon sugar, cayenne pepper, and dried red chili pepper! If you’re already here, might as well try something crazy. 

6. Portland Art Museum

ADDRESS1219 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR
CONTACT DETAILS+1 503-226-2811
OPERATING HOURSMonday & Tuesday ClosedWednesday – Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM 
PRICEMembers: FreeAdults: $25Seniors (62+) and College students: $22Children (17 under): Free

What better place to take your Instagram pictures than in a room full of art, right? If you agree with us on that, head to the Portland Art Museum. 

Not only will you be able to pose with numerous art pieces, but this trip might also ignite a new or deeper passion for the arts! 

Moreover, the museum hosts several programs and tours that help visitors further indulge themselves with the intricacies behind each work. 

In case you’re wondering about the rules of the museum, yes, visitors are welcome to take photos of most of the artwork. In fact, they encourage you to do so. 

However, there are some areas where photos are not allowed. You won’t have a hard time spotting them because you’ll be able to see the “no camera” sign. 

Pro tip:
Check out Cheryl’s on the 12th if you want a light meal after your excursion. Their food is also Instagram-worthy! It’s a 3-minute drive and an 11-minute walk from the museum. We recommend their Apple Frittwich and Mornay. Refer to the directions on Google Maps to figure out how to get there. 

7. Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
Image from Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
ADDRESS5801 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR
CONTACT DETAILS+1 503-267-7509
OPERATING HOURSMonday, Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday 10 AM – 3:30 PM Wednesday 1 PM – 3:30 PM 
PRICEAdults & Youth: $5 (Mondays are free)Children (10 and younger): Free

Posting more nature pics is a good way to bring color to your Instagram feed. That’s why another place we recommend is the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. 

With its collection of various rare species, azaleas, rhododendrons, as well as other trees and plants, you’ll be awed by the spectacular beauty you’ll discover in this 9.5 acre garden. 

The top Instagram spots here would probably be the 3 waterfalls and the fountain spray. However, we suggest not limiting yourself to those – explore and you’ll find more!

Pro tip:
We recommend going here around April to June because that’s the time the rhododendrons and azaleas bloom. However, you’ll still enjoy the garden no matter what time of year you go, we think. 

8.  Forest Park

Forest Park
Image from
ADDRESS2960 NW Upshur Street Portland, OR
CONTACT DETAILS+1 503-823-4492
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday 5 AM – 10 PM 

Forest Park is one of the many places in Portland to spot wildlife. That’s why if you’re particularly keen on nature-related photography, you’ll have the time of your life in this park!

Now, if there are plenty of spots to see wildlife in the city, why did we suggest the Forest Park in particular, you ask?

The first reason is that from the trails, you can spot the famous St. Johns Bridge that we mentioned earlier. It’s one of the things that make the hike worth it. 

Image from Oregon Live
Image from Oregon Live

Second is that with 70 miles of trails, there’s a lot of room for play and exploration. If you like to hike and to take photographs, you’ll probably enjoy trying to spot hundreds of different kinds of bird species and 62 mammal species. 

Why not make an adventure out of it and see how many you can take photos of? A lot of people do!

Pro tip:
You might be tired after your trip here, so why not grab a pint at the Great Notion Brewing pub? It’s only a 13-minute drive from the park and offers different kinds of local brews that may surprise you. 

9. Tea Bar 

Tea Bar
Image from Marshall Steeves
ADDRESS1055 NW Northrup St, Portland, OR
CONTACT DETAILS+1 503-227-0464
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM 

Calling all minimalists! This one’s for you.

If you have or are in the process of trying to achieve a clean feed with a subdued or neutral color palettes, you should head to the Tea Bar as soon as you can. 

This store’s interior is all you can ask for in a minimalist aesthetic – a blend of browns, grays, whites, and a few potted plants as the cherry on top. So, let this tea and boba’s store interior help you achieve the Instagram feed of your dreams! 

Moreover, their drinks are refreshing and delicious, so we don’t see a reason why you can’t try this out. 

Pro tip:
We recommend their Mint Majik Latte and Honey Assam Tea Latte. Both are not too sweet, but quite flavorful. 

10. Bible Club

Bible Club
Image from the Bible Club
ADDRESS6716 SE 16th Ave, Portland, OR
CONTACT DETAILS+1 971-279-2198
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Saturday 4 PM – 12 AMSunday 4 PM – 11 PM

Don’t worry, you don’t have to follow any religion in order to enter here. It may be named the Bible Club, but this place is actually a speakeasy. 

It’s surprising how many people don’t know about this bar, so keep this between us, okay? Just kidding – go ahead, tell your friends, and promise us to make a night out of it. 

It’s a cool backdrop for a legendary night with your friends. Post a photo from the night on Instagram and watch your followers ask where this hip place is! 

The place has a unique atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re in a different era while sitting down, forgetting that just outside is modern-day Portland. 

Another thing we enjoyed was how personable the bartenders here are. Striking up a conversation with them is often an unexpected learning opportunity. 

Try chatting them up to learn a thing or two about alcohol. You can even ask for their drink suggestions based on the flavors you usually go for. 

Pro tip:
Fan of whiskey? Try the Lagavulin 25 and feel your world change!

11.  Raven’s Manor

Raven's Manor
Image from Oregon Live
ADDRESS235 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR
CONTACT DETAILS+1 971-319-6182
OPERATING HOURSMonday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday 5 PM – 11 PMTuesday ClosedFriday & Saturday 5 PM – 12 AM

Of course, this list would be incomplete without adding something quirky – also known as Portland’s signature. 

It’s not everyday you’ll come across a haunted-mansion-themed bar. So, we recommend trying out Raven’s Manor. 

You don’t have to worry about thinking of how to take the best shots while you’re here. It might be because you’re already tipsy or because the interior is a burst of visually satisfying details (let’s hope it’s the latter). 

If you’re someone who forgets to take photos on a fun night, we think you won’t have that problem here. It’s because you would want to document every corner of this creative bar. 

The supposed imaginary lore of this mystifying bar is that it was made by Dr. Raven, a mad scientist. He created the manor in order to invite people to his grand parties. 

This is so people wouldn’t find out about his experiments that might be deemed as controversial. 

According to the rumors, his experiments even included living subjects. This is why when he passed away, the poor souls continued to roam around the manor. 

We particularly enjoyed learning about the backstory that they created. It makes it a more unique, immersive experience and something worth sharing to interested folks willing to lend an ear – like you! 

Pro tip:
It’s best to reserve a seat before heading to the bar. They still accept walk-ins, but you won’t be promised a spot. 
We haven’t tried all the drinks yet (maybe soon!), but we recommend The Necromancer Cocktail for those who like stronger drinks. The base of this drink is Absinthe added with Lemon, Lillet Blanc, and Germain Elderflower Liqueur. 
If you want something fun and exciting, try The Botanist. It’s mixed with different kinds of herbs, green chartreuse, gin, and Lillet Blanc. 

We hope your phones are ready for the thousands of pictures you will take around Portland! Do you think there’s anything else we should add? Let us know!

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