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Does Portland have an NFL team Why or why not

Does Portland have an NFL team? Why or why not?

If you live in Portland, Oregon, you are entitled to root for any team in the National Football League (NFL) since the city (specifically the state) does not have an NFL team. 

It can be odd given that there are some states with more than one team. Today, we’ll find out why Portland is in this position.

Why doesn’t Portland have an NFL team?

The main reason Portland doesn’t have an NFL team is mainly related to finances

As much as the city focuses on local businesses, there aren’t many large corporations in the area that would be suitable for a sponsored stadium arrangement, which is one of the many things an NFL team is required to have.

But according to The Rogue Valley Messenger in 2020, there’s still a chance for Portland (Oregon in general) to have its own NFL team. Supporting a pricey stadium and team might be possible if it’s publicly owned and traded, meaning the franchise’s revenue is shared with the city.

Should Portland have an NFL team?

In an article by Stadium Talk about NFL Expansion, they named the city of Portland as one of the cities that should have an NFL team today.

They point out that the city is an NBA town that has long dabbled in other sports, just like San Antonio, TX. That’s why it makes sense for the city to have its own NFL team and find a new home within its borders.

If you look closely, Portland already has its advantages: the 22nd-largest TV market (per the latest Nielsen rankings), and enthusiastic Trail Blazers, Timbers, and Thorns fan bases.

Not to mention our often heavily caffeinated residents who could easily be whipped up into sports fanaticism, of course!

What sports teams does Portland have?

What sports teams does Portland have

While Portland doesn’t have an NFL team, team sports in the area include basketball, soccer, hockey, minor league baseball, college football, arena football, and roller derby. 

In fact, the city is home to both the NBA’s Trail Blazers and the MLS’s Portland Timbers. But that’s just the gist of it. 

Portland Trail Blazers – NBA Basketball

The Portland Trail Blazers, also known as The Blazers to NBA fans, is a treasured aspect of the sports culture in the City of Roses. 

They won the NBA Championship in 1977, their third appearance in the NBA Finals. Die-hard fans also look forward to the sport’s halftime show featuring the Blazer dancers.

Portland Timbers – MLS Soccer

The city was given the nickname “Soccer City USA,” with the Portland Timbers and its history dating back to 1975. The Timbers were the 18th soccer club to join Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2009, and they played their first season in 2011. 

The team also won the 2015 MLS Cup, the franchise’s first national title in this back-breaking sport. Trivia, when the team scores at home games, a round is cut with a chainsaw behind the north goal.

Portland Thorns FC – National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL)

Portland Thorns FC - National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL)

One of only two NWSL teams to receive affiliation with Major League Soccer, the Portland Thorns was founded in 2012 and is owned by the same company that owns the Timbers. 

This women’s soccer team in the city was also the winner of the first-ever NWSL championship in 2013. 

The Hillsboro Hops – Minor League Baseball

The Hillsboro Hops are a member club of the Arizona Diamondbacks and were first established in 1977 under the name Salem Senators. The team is the two-years-straight winners of the Northwest League Championship Series in action.

Portland Steel – Arena Football League (AFL)

The Portland Steel, an Arena Football League team representing Oregon, debuted at Moda Center in 2014 as the Portland Thunder. Duane Brooks, a wide receiver for the Portland Steel, was named the AFL Playmaker of the Year in 2015.

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