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The Top 5 Cake Delivery Services in Portland's Homepage

The Top 5 Cake Delivery Services in Portland

How We Picked Cake Delivery Services in Portland

Value for money

We chose the services where you’ll be getting good value for money. We determined this based on the cost and the overall quality of a customer’s experience. 

Booking process

A lot of people who are choosing cake delivery services need it for a special occasion. This is why we want to avoid a grueling process that could cause delays. 

Customer service

Great customer service is important to have a pleasant experience. This is why we considered the delivery time, responsiveness, and professionalism.

Variety of products

It’s important that you have a lot of baked goods to choose from so a bakery could best cater to your taste. 

1. Saint Cupcake & Poplandia Artisan Popcorn

Saint Cupcake & Poplandia Artisan Popcorn's Homepage


Address: 1138 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR

Contact Details: +1 503-473-8760

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 AM – 5 PM

Sunday Closed

Must-order Cake: Lemon Sparkle, $35

Google reviews4.5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4/5
Value for money4.5/5
Booking process5/5
Customer service5/5
>Delivery time>5/5
>Professionalism >5/5
Variety of products4.5/5


  • Only need a 3-day notice when ordering
  • Still good the next day
  • Decent cake options
  • Offers other baked goods


  • Pricey

One of the reasons we added Saint Cupcake & Poplandia Artisan Popcorn to our top cake delivery services in Portland is how short the lead time is. If you need a cake delivered on such short notice, this cake delivery service can prepare your order in as little as 3 days. 

Although it would be wiser to call much earlier if your order is big and important, this is a good option if you need some cake emergency. 

Anyway, we found something interesting when we interviewed their clients: some of the people said they liked the cakes because of how good they still taste the next day. 

That’s notable because in some baked goods, the quality of taste changes the very next day. However, when it comes to this cake delivery service, it appears that it still tastes as good as new. 

As long as you store their cakes properly, they keep their taste very well. We tested it ourselves out of curiosity and weren’t disappointed when we snacked on our leftovers. 

Anyway, if you’re wondering about their cake flavor options, we’d say they have a decent variety. Included in the list are vanilla cake with lemon curd filling, fudgy chocolate with caramel buttercream, carrot cake, and more. 

While they’re not the most innovative flavors, the most common ones are tough to beat because it’s what people usually go for – and for good reason. They’re simply delicious and suit the taste of almost everyone with a sweet tooth. 

Aside from cakes, this cake delivery service also offers other baked goods such as cookies, pies, and cupcakes. They even sell popcorn with different, unique flavors!

Keep in mind, however, that they seem to be one of the pricier options among the shops we tested. 

2. Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake's Homepage


Address: 8306 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR

Contact Details: +1 503-234-9445

Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday 9 AM – 8 PM

Friday 9 AM – 10:30 PM

Saturday 10 AM – 10:30 PM

Sunday 12 – 5 PM

Must-order Cake: Chantilly Cake Slice, $12.45

Google reviews4.1/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4/5
Value for money4.5/5
Booking process5/5
Customer service5/5
>Delivery time>5/5
>Professionalism >5/5
Variety of products5/5


  • Smooth ordering process
  • Accepts late orders
  • Good cake-to-frosting ratio
  • Has vegan and gluten-free options
  • Great variety


  • Expensive

A lot of the previous clients of Piece of Cake told us they were pleased with their experience here because of the quality of the cake. 

This is because of the rich flavor and nice texture. A lot of people also praised the fact that the amount of frosting is just enough to complement the cake. 

Our observations were similar to this. There are a lot of places that either don’t provide a lot of frosting or include more than we want, but when it comes to this cake delivery service, the amount of their frosting is just right. 

When it comes to their cake options, we were surprised to learn that there is a lot to choose from. They have different categories – “cakes” here are supposedly the regular cakes that are sweet and have dairy. 

The other categories are vegan cakes and gluten-free cakes. You have the option of making the cakes sugar-free too, so you can easily snack without worrying about your sugar intake. 

They have different options under each category like Black Forest, German chocolate, red velvet, Irish oatmeal, lemon coconut – the list goes on. 

Aside from cakes, there are also cookies, mini loaves, cheesecakes, pies, and tortes. 

We think that the only problem you would have with their choices is that you might have a hard time choosing from a lot of good flavors. That’s how it was for us! 

This cake delivery service also accepts late orders, by the way. Of course, they would much prefer it if you can order in advance so they can have ample time to plan your cake. 

A lot of people found this cake delivery service to be quite expensive, however, so we just want to put it out there. Some complained about it, while some thought it was a good value for their money because of how good their orders tasted. 

3. FAT Cupcake

FAT Cupcake's Homepage


Address: 6011 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, OR

Contact Details: +1 503-775-0731

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 7 PM

Sunday Closed

Must-order Cake: The Candy Shop, $65.50

Google reviews4.6/5
Total reviews4.8/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Value for money4/5
Booking process5/5
Customer service4.83/5
>Delivery time>5/5
>Professionalism >4.5/5
Variety of products5/5


  • Very secure delivery
  • Reasonable pricing
  • You can book a wedding cake/cupcake tasting
  • A lot of flavor and design options


  • A few complaints about order mixups 

If you worry about having a cake delivered intact, you’d be pleased to know that FAT cupcake’s delivery is quite secure. We know this because a lot of clients praised them for this exact thing. 

Out of the numerous people we talked to, no one complained about their cakes or cupcakes arriving looking like they had a rough time during delivery. 

A lot of people also like that their pricing is quite reasonable, especially for wedding cakes. It wasn’t over the top even though the quality and taste were quite satisfactory. 

Speaking of wedding cakes, they also offer a wedding cake or cupcake tasting which you can easily book on their website. The available dates are already there and there are a lot of open time slots to choose from. 

As for the choices they offer, you’d be pleased to know that not only do they have a lot of flavor options, but they also have a lot of already-made designs. 

While they do customs, having designs to choose from helps narrow down ideas, especially if you’re still not completely set on doing one thing. 

Their available flavors are vanilla, chocolate, lemon buttercream, and more. When it comes to designs, you can choose from several fun themes like underwater, outdoors, desert, and such.  

The options and the quality that are being offered to customers make the cost quite reasonable because you will be getting a lot for your money. 

We found this is also one of the reasons why customers choose this cake delivery service and why they don’t mind going there again. 

However, we also managed to talk to several past customers who weren’t quite pleased. Their complaints were all about order mixups, mostly about receiving the wrong flavor. 

This happened a few times so it’s an important consideration. If you’re picky about flavors, you might not be crazy about the idea of risking the wrong ones being delivered. 

4. Unicorn Bake Shop

Unicorn Bake Shop's Homepage


Address: 2824 SE Gladstone St, Portland, OR 

Contact Details: +1 503-477-9906

Operating Hours: Monday and Tuesday Closed

Wednesday – Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM

Must-order Cake: Charming Cherry Cupcake, $4

Google reviews4.5/5
Yelp 4.5/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Value for money5/5
Booking process5/5
Customer service4.5/5
>Delivery time>5/5
>Professionalism >5/5
Variety of products3.5/5


  • Vegan
  • Has gluten-free options
  • Unique flavors
  • Great service


  • Can be unresponsive
  • Not a lot of premade options

The charm in choosing Unicorn Bake Shop to order baked goods from is that they only offer vegan treats. We think this is a great advantage because not a lot of bakeries have this option exclusively. 

With their focus on vegan baking, they’re more likely to be specialists than the other shops are when it comes to these sorts of cakes. As such, vegans may feel more comfortable ordering from them.

We also found that a lot of clients choose them for their wedding for this reason. This is so all of their guests (who may include vegans and vegetarians) would be able to enjoy the cake. 

It doesn’t hurt that their products taste great. In fact, we think you wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s a vegan option – it doesn’t taste much different from the usual. 

Another thing that people love is that they have unique, seasonal flavors. It also helps that their designs are eye-catching and cute. 

Just by first looking at them, we were immediately transported back to our childhood when we had a love for whimsical things. 

We were glad that the quality of the look matched the taste. A lot of people we interviewed agreed with us on this. This is also when we found that a lot of them were returning customers. 

When we asked why they keep coming back, a lot of them simply said that they love the flavors. 

Meanwhile, some commended this cake delivery service for its great service. This is mostly because of how quick they are to cater to the needs of the clients, so the turnaround time doesn’t take that long. 

Additionally, the store staff is quite friendly and easy to talk to so you can easily voice concerns or dietary restrictions you might have.

However, there were a few people we talked to who weren’t quite as happy because they experienced unresponsiveness after placing inquiries. 

Another thing we’d like to note is that there aren’t a lot of premade cake options. If you’re looking to get something custom-made though, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

5. Jaciva’s Bakery And Chocolatier

Jaciva's Bakery And Chocolatier's Homepage


Address: 4733 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR

Contact Details: +1 503-234-8115

Operating Hours: Sunday and Monday Closed

Tuesday – Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM

Must-order Cake: 7th Heaven Cupcake, $3.50

Google reviews4.5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Value for money4.5/5
Booking process5/5
Customer service4.83/5
>Delivery time>5/5
>Professionalism >5/5
Variety of products5/5


  • Great-quality designs
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Accepts late orders
  • Portfolio is readily available online


  • Several complaints about wrong orders

When we were interviewing the customers at Jaciva’s Bakery And Chocolatier, we found that a lot of them first went here because of the beautiful custom orders. 

It wasn’t surprising because when we saw the photos of what this bakery has done so far, it was obvious that one of their fortes is designing. We particularly love seeing how they incorporated flowers into their cakes because all of their florals looked timeless and elegant. 

This is why we weren’t astonished that a lot of the people we talked to said they ordered specifically for their wedding. 

If you’re ordering for an event, you don’t have to worry about it not making it in time even if you accidentally ended up ordering too close to the date. 

This is because you can order at least one week in advance when it comes to their custom-decorated cakes. However, during peak seasons, you would have to order up to 4 weeks in advance. 

If you have no idea what design you want to get made, their portfolio is up on their website. This will also help you decide if you’re still not entirely convinced about which cake delivery service to choose. 

We think this will most likely steer you in the direction of adding this bakery to your list of options. 

They also have a lot of unique designs, so if you’re looking for someone to execute your one-of-a-kind ideas, they might be able to do the job for you. 

However, we do advise you to be wary and double-check your orders with the baker because some of the clients that we interviewed said that the bakery got their orders wrong.

This is mostly due to miscommunication, so you might want to avoid this by making your order clear – as many times as you can. 

FAQS about Cake Delivery and Cake Delivery in Portland

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