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5 Best Movie Theaters in Portland

5 Best Movie Theaters in Portland

How we picked

Selection of Movies

We picked movie theaters that don’t only showcase mainstream movies but also independent films and several other genres.

Food and Drinks

We chose movie theaters that also offer food and drink options for film lovers to ensure that they get to enjoy a complete movie experience. 

Theater Amenities

We looked at the interior of these movie theaters, including the screens, sound system, and the seats they offer. This criterion measures how comfortable is the space to enjoy a movie.

Admission Rates

We assessed whether the admission rates and food and drink prices are affordable or reasonable for all types of moviegoers. 

1. The Academy Theater

The Academy Theater Homepage

Movie Selection: Mainstream, Classic, Action, Adventure

Address: 7818 SE Stark Street, Portland OR, 97215


Contact No.: (503) 252-0500

Showtimes: Varies every day

Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
Selection of Movies4.5/5
Food and Drinks4.5/5
Theater Amenities4/5
Admission Rates4/5


  • 1940s interior 
  • Offers classic movies
  • Offers mainstream movies


  • No longer holds birthday parties and special events in their theaters
  • Poor ventilation

If you’re a fan of the 1940s, The Academy Theater can bring you back in time to enjoy the charm of the then popular technicolor movies. 

Originally built in 1948, they’ve preserved and continued to offer the 1940s movie experience. 

We love that they kept a color palette in their interior that’s reminiscent of the movie classics from the 1940s, such as The Wizard of Oz and The Red Shoes.

And while moviegoers enjoy this vintage feel, they also get to experience modern amenities including 2k digital projection, and 5.1 digital surround sound.

We also love that they hold special screenings on 35mm film that film geeks can enjoy occasionally. 

Their commitment to vintage is also reflected in their movie selection.

We appreciate that they don’t only offer mainstream movies but as well as several camp and cult classics. 

We think this makes their selection more interesting and flexible. It’s perfect for moviegoers who want to explore film beyond the mainstream media. 

In terms of food and drinks, we love that they offer pizza, hotdogs, sushi, and salads in addition to popcorn. They also offer candies and food packages specially made for kids.

They also used to allow the holding of birthday parties in their theater, but unfortunately, they don’t offer this anymore. 

We also do have to point out that some of their customers have complained about the theater being too warm and musty. This might cause some discomfort and stress to moviegoers who are sensitive to poor ventilation.

2. Studio One Theaters

Studio One Theaters Homepage

Movie Selection: Mainstream

Address: 3945 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202


Contact No.: (971) 271-8142

Showtimes: Varies every day, popular from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4/5
Selection of Movies4/5
Food and Drinks4/5
Theater Amenities5/5
Admission Rates4/5


  • Offers restaurant and live entertainment venues
  • Modern screening equipment
  • Practices eco-friendly policies


  • Slow food and drink service
  • Food tastes too salty

Being one of the first multiplex movie theaters in Portland, Studio One offers a unique and luxurious movie experience for their patrons.

We love that they offer theater, restaurant, and live entertainment venues.  

Their screening equipment also keeps up with its reputation for modernity. 

We’re impressed that they offer 4k pure laser projection, and 128 channel Dolby ATMOS sounds. All these, for us, make a good guarantee of a high-quality movie experience.

And the best part is they also offer screenings in one of their penthouse theaters! 

These penthouse theaters boast luxurious furnishing of tables and sofas, which we think are perfect for a romantic date night.

Even their food spells opulence in many ways. We love that they offer a bar service featuring over 50 wines by the glass, 12 beers on tap, and a full specialty cocktail menu. 

If that’s not enough, Studio One also offers a sit-down restaurant and entertainment venue where patrons can enjoy live music and media broadcasting experience.

We also want to highlight their eco-friendly policies, which include observing paperless and plastic-free food and beverage.

Despite these amazing features, we were discouraged to learn that some of their customers have experienced slow service from them. In fact, one of them had to wait until halfway through the movie before their food was served. 

A good number of them also complained about the food and drinks, which tasted too salty and quite basic for their expensive price. 

3. Living Room Theaters

Living Room Theaters Homepage

Movie Selection: Independent, Mainstream

Address: 341 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205


Contact No.: (971) 222-2010

Showtimes: Varies every day, popular from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency4/5
Selection of Movies4.5/5
Food and Drinks4/5
Theater Amenities4.5/5
Admission Rates4.5/5


  • Features independent films and filmmakers
  • Offers use of their equipment for private and special events


  • Issues with their sound system
  • Limited movie selection

If you love supporting independent films, Living Room Theaters has especially dedicated their film selection for you.

We love that they showcase independent films and feature independent filmmakers in their movie selection.

More of their commitment is shown in the opportunities they give to first-time directors and producers to distribute and showcase their independent films without the high costs of making and shipping traditional celluloid prints. 

We think these are all organic and effective ways to contribute to the success of Portland’s local film and art community. 

If you’re passionate about these things, Living Room Theaters offer you a great chance to support local artists.

We also appreciate that they offer several other functions in their theaters. These include programming and showing films, television broadcasts, music, and dedicated programs. 

In fact, locals can also reserve their theater for private and special events or use their equipment for meetings, lectures, and presentations. 

But we do have to point out a few technical issues that their patrons have experienced so far.

Some of them have expressed disappointment about their low-quality audio. One customer said the bass overpowered the film’s dialogue, while another thought the speaker echoed. 

These technical issues can set them back, especially for film lovers who are set on getting the full and high-quality movie experience.

4. 5th Avenue Cinema

5th Avenue Cinema Homepage

Movie Selection: Mainstream, Independent, Camp, Cult, Classic

Address: Portland State University, 510 SW Hall St, Portland, OR 97201


Contact No.: (503) 725-3551

Showtimes: Fridays and Saturdays, 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM, Sundays 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Total Reviews3/5
Score Consistency5/5
Selection of Movies4.5/5
Food and Drinks3.5/5
Theater Amenities4.5/5
Admission Rates5/5


  • Non-profit movie theater
  • Offers entertainment equipment for deaf and visually impaired
  • Free popcorns


  • No selection of food and drinks
  • Limited movie selection

Located in Portland State University, the 5th Avenue Cinema is a nonprofit movie theater that offers an exciting movie selection at affordable rates. In fact, they offer free admission to Portland State University students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Admission is only $4 for all other students and seniors and 5$ for the general public. 

We love that this student-run cinema showcases a wide selection of movies including, camp, cult, classic, and contemporary independent films. If you’re not ready to explore these genres yet, they also offer some mainstream films. 

They also boast flexible media options such as screening movies on 35mm and 16mm.

Another service feature that we love about 5th Avenue Cinema is that they offer a quality entertainment experience for the deaf, hard of hearing, and vision impaired. 

We love that they offer hearing-impaired headphones that amplify dialogue and vision-impaired headphones that describe scenery and action during the movie.

We think this offer makes their cinema both inclusive and progressive. 

However, guests who plan to use these devices are required to first inform the staff before the show starts. 

We also want to point out that they don’t presently accept payment through cards. 

And because they’re running a nonprofit cinema, they also don’t offer food and drinks, but they do offer free popcorn!

5. Cinema 21

Cinema 21 Homepage

Movie Selection: Mainstream, Independent, Documentaries, Art Films

Address: 616 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209


Contact No.: (503) 223-4515

Showtimes: Varies every day

Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
Selection of Movies5/5
Food and Drinks4/5
Theater Amenities4/5
Admission Rates4/5


  • Excellent movie selection
  • Features classic film series


  • Strict vaccination policies
  • Issues with parking

Built in 1926, Cinema 21 has established its place in Portland’s film community. 

Over the years, it has featured a massive selection of films including American independent, foreign language, documentary, and classic movies.

It has also premiered some of the most iconic art films, and some of these are Slackers, Drugstore Cowboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, There Will Be Blood, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

They’ve also already hosted Portland’s anticipated film events including the Portland Film Festival and the Portland Queer Film Festival.

Keeping this rich and tasteful selection of movies throughout the years, Cinema 21 has successfully made itself a pillar of Portland’s film culture. 

We also love that they hold special screening events exploring classic films. In fact, through the months of July and August, they’re featuring a film series called Seven from the 70s.

If you’re interested in film history, we think that Cinema 21 showcases some great classics.

In terms of customer service, we love that their movies and their screen times are well-organized on their website. Moviegoers only have to scroll, and they will immediately see available movies and the date and time they’re shown.

They can also sort the movies by day, by title, and by showtime.

We think this provides their audience accessibility and convenience.

However, we want to make this caveat: Cinema 21 is pretty strict with its vaccination requirements. Customers who fail to show proof of vaccination aren’t allowed any admission. 

If you’re planning on watching a movie here, make sure to bring your vaccine cards!

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